it's hip to be sqr

I post some of my own photos here, and also some that I admire.

I mostly enjoy photos with shadows, silhouettes, the ocean, alps, bikes and vintage cars.



Tomorrow I am going to court over an inconvenient traffic offense. I didn’t show my P Plates appropriately.

I don’t necessarily hate law, but I hate its enforcers, especially the police. The police generally do not understand the law yet they are given batons and guns and are told to “do justice”. There is something formidable about dumb asses with batons, guns and power. 

In recent news: “Police shoot down a man who stole a packet of biscuits.” Justice is a funny thing isn’t it. 


We’ll see no justice until we die. Our leader are our enemies, and everyone is miserable even though we have everything.


Just finished downloading BBC’s ‘Planets’ documentary. That means it is time that me and my insignificant problems remember that we are but a grain of sand in this Universe. 

We are all just cells in a larger organism, that’s how I look at it.

listen & float